I feel alive again!

Poppy, Kansas

Poppy’s pain started over 20 years ago but became unbearable in the last five years. She’d tried everything from vascular surgery on both legs, chiropractic treatments, 27 acupuncture sessions, Rx pain medications and multiple rounds of physical therapy – but nothing provided long-term relief.

At this point, she was only sleeping 3 hours continuously.

Then she met Dr. Dawood Sayed who recommend Poppy try HF10 spinal cord stimulation. She had a successful trial and now has had the implant for almost 11 months.

She says, “I have not had the slightest back pain or discomfort since. I have not taken any pain medications including over the counter ones! I feel alive again! We are entertaining again and go on dates again.”

Poppy also indicated she has the ability to focus on her business – designing and selling jewelry at conferences, which requires significant time on her feet.

She says “I stood on my feet from 7:00 a.m. until 8:30 pm, two consecutive days in the row!! First time in YEARS!!!”