Now I attend quilting conferences and produce 4 quilts a month

Becky, Kalifornien

Becky enjoyed gymnastics as a kid and competed for years. Over time, it took a toll on her body, causing her to undergo 91 surgeries. At times, she was unable to sit, stand or walk for more than 20 minutes and often required a wheelchair.

After years of debilitating chronic pain, she decided to try HF10. Her physician, Dr. Amirdelfan, explained that the HF10 spinal cord stimulation offered significant relief for leg and back pain.

“The trial was a huge success,” states Becky, “and I begged my doctor to get the permanent implant ASAP.” Two weeks later, Becky had her implant and has never looked back!

Today, years later, she is very active with family and friends and has the strength to focus on hobbies such as quilting.

She says, “The sewing and cutting of material used to about kill me, but now I attend quilting conferences and produce 4 quilts a month.”

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