Dieses Produkt ist ein Wunder und hat mir mein Leben wiedergegeben.

Darrell, Washington

Up until February of 2016, Darrell was living with debilitating chronic back pain, which he rated as 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The pain was getting in the way of the hobbies that Darrell loved, such as restoring classic cars. Fortunately, Dr. Ashleigh Byrne, his pain specialist, recommended a temporary trial of HF10. Darrell gave her the OK to perform the trial procedure, which allowed him to evaluate HF10 for about a week.

During that time, he was able to do the dishes, sand cars in his shop, and go on a 2 ½ hour road trip, all of which he could not do with his back pain. As a result, Darrell worked with Dr. Craig Davis, Dr. Byrne’s partner, for the permanent implant so he could use HF10 continuously.

In Darrell’s words, “this device is a miracle and has given me my life back.” Today he rates his back pain between a 0-1 and is reporting over 90% pain relief, 18 months after receiving the implant. Darrell is back to doing the things he loves like working in the shop riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and restoring classic cars, such as this 1930 Model A Coupe with a 357 Chevrolet engine.

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