Every day I’m amazed at the little things

Michael, Kalifornien

Michael was a professional motorcycle road racer and skydiver. He was injured countless times over the course of his career, which eventually led to debilitating chronic pain.

Fortunately, his pain specialist, Dr. Michael Yang at Sonoma Valley Hospital was able to help him achieve a very special outcome with HF10 spinal cord stimulation.

“I am a guy who no longer lives in agonizing, crippling pain. Every day I’m amazed at the little things we take for granted that I can do again. I have other injuries, so I’m not totally fixed, but my life is nothing like it was before HF10. Six weeks after I got the implant, I was able to sleep pain-free through the night and get up and out of chairs without pain.

I was also able to sit on an eight-and-a-half hour flight to Iceland where I hiked up glaciers and enjoyed a pain-free vacation for the first time in ten years. Seven months after the implant, I am still in awe of HF10. Most importantly, I’m able to do much more with my son.

Thanks, Summit Pain Alliance and Nevro for helping me get my life back on track.”

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