After six months, Deanna is entirely off all pain medication

Deanna, New York

At the age of 20, Deanna was active as an athlete, college student, and personal trainer.

Unfortunately, her life was interrupted by a degenerated disc that created a cascade of challenges. First, she was diagnosed with sciatica, and treated with micro-discectomy, but shortly after her chronic back pain resurfaced.

For the next two years, Deanna went through numerous procedures and tried to manage with opioid medication, but the pain was too debilitating. She was barely making it through class, work, or enjoying her social life. At this point, Deanna began to feel hopeless and utterly out of options.

Her turning point came the day Dr. David Conyack recommended an HF10 trial. The week of her trial was the most normal Deanna had felt since before her injury. She spent the day walking around and enjoying NYC with NO pain.

She scheduled the implant and a few weeks later began living with 85%-95% relief of her pain.

After six months, Deanna is entirely off all pain medication, she got a 4.0 her first semester back to college, is working again, and is back to weight lifting in the gym.

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